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Carbide Hobs

Carbide Hobs
Carbide Hobs

Carbide Hobs
Specifications of Carbide Gear Hob
module : m0.2-m4
accuracy class: DIN3968,class A/AA/AAA

  • Carbide Hobs

    Jiangxing newly developed carbide hobs can cut gears down powerfully at high speed which brings higher efficiency of production than conventional HSS hobbing.

    carbide hobs

    Specifications of Carbide Gear Hob

    module : m0.2~m4
    accuracy class : DIN3968 , class A / AA / AAA

    ? high cutting speeds
    ? short machining times
    ? a longer tool life than conventional HSS cutter
    ? time saving per piece for gear manufacture
    ? high productivity

    The complete range of hobs produced by us, besides large modules hobs, is completed by

    - Solid gear hobs from mod 0.5 -mod. 22 mm

    - Spline hobs (parallel or involute such ASA)

    - Roller chain hobs

    - Carbide hobs

    - Worm wheel hobs, shank type or bore type

    - Pulley hobs

    - HM hobs

    carbide hobs

    The precision class obviously is regulated by international standards such Din 3968 (class A and class AA), Any special requests on carbide gear hobs, please contact us for more details.