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High-Speed Steel M2

2022-03-12 16:59:23 jiangxingTools 749

High-Speed Steel M2

M2 is a medium-alloyed high speed steel which has a good machinability and a good performance and is used in a wide variety of applications .

Chemical composition: C-0.9, Cr-4.2, Mo-5.0, W-6.4, C0-, V-1.8

Standard: Europe: HS 6-5-2 , USA: AISI M2, Germany: 1.3343 , Sweden: SS 2722, France: AFNOR Z85WDCV6.5.4.2, Japan: JIS SKH51, UK: BM2

Application: broaches, milling cutters, gear shaving cutter, gear shaper cutter, gear hob, and other gear cutting tools.

this conventional steel grade is a perfect substrate material for PVD coating.